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S4C (London)

S4C or "Space for Cycling" was the 2014 London election campaign run by London Cycling Campaign.

Safe Routes to School

A major project lead by Sustrans to create safe cycling and walking routes serving schools located across the UK.


One of the five main demands used to measure the quality of cycling infrastructure (the others are cohesiondire

Safety In Numbers

'Safety in Numbers' is the theory that there is a correlation between cycling levels in an area, or country, and the relative safety of cycling - that higher cycling levels correlate with higher safety levels. 

Saturation flow

Saturation flow is the (maximum) flow across a stop line, during green from a discharging queue, typically expressed in Passenger Car Units per hour.

School Street

A 'School Street' is a term for a temporary restriction of motor traffic on a street (or streets) surrounding a school, at the start and end of the school day.

School zones

A misguided attempt to improve child safety by reducing motor speeds on roads outside schools. Sadly these roads tend to already be clogged by cars, and children spend more time on roads where they live.


SCOOT is an abbreviation for 'Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique'.

Section 106

A mechanism of planning gain whereby developers make a financial contribution towards infrastructure needed to support their development. Infrastructure can include transport, schools, etc.

Section 278 Agreement

This refers to S278 of the Highways Act 1980 (as amended) and is essentially a formal agreement between a highway authority and another party to make changes to an existing hi

Section 38 Agreement

This refers to S38 of the Highways Act 1980 (as amended) and is essentially a formal agreement for a highway authority to adopt (take over responsibility for) roads.

Secured by Design

'Secured by Design' is a national police project focused on reducing crime through the design of buildings and the built environment.


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(See ‘Royal College Street’) [also soft segregation]


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Service road

A service road is a road running parallel to a faster, or busier road, which provides access to private properties, shops, industry, or farms (depending on the location.


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When used in a standard, 'shall' is a requirement.

Shared space

A broad term that can be used to describe many different forms of street treatment.

Shared use

A term used to describe a footway that legally allows cycling.

Sharks' Teeth

A term used to describe the Dutch (and indeed European) equivalent of the British painted  'Give Way' marking. 

Sheffield stand

A type of cycle stand, typically in an upside-down, squared U-shape.


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When used in a standard, 'should' is a recommendation. 

Shuttle working

Shuttle working refers to the use of traffic signals to alternate flows on a one-way section of road. Most typically found at roadworks, but can also be used to create attractive conditions for cycling on, say, bridges. See example linked to below.

Signalised junction

Group term [to be completed] 

3 arm, 4 arm crossroad, 4 arm staggered, multi arm, roundabout

Simple Priority Junction

A junction on the road network, without signals, operating with priority markings ('Give Way' lines).

Simultaneous green

'Simultaneous green' junctions (or 'all-ways' green, or 'scramble', junctions) give people cycling and walking a combined dedicated green phase, while motor traffic is stopped in all directions, which allows both types of road u

Single surface

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Sinusoidal hump

A type of road hump that has a curved, sinusoisdal profile, which means they are smoother and more comfortable to cycle over than the 'conventional' hump with a round profile or flat profile. 

Sleeping policeman

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Slip (lane)

A road or cycle track that separates from the main carriageway, normally to enable a turn avoiding signal control.

Slow marking

The 'Slow' marking is a painted marking on the road surface, which has the intention of encouraging road users to slow down. 


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Sociable cycling

'Sociable cycling' refers to the ability to cycle side-by-side, or to hold conversations while cycling. It is an important requirement for a good cycling environment.

Social Model of Disability

A model that recognises that disability isn't caused by someone's impairment or physical conditions - instead disability results from inaccessible environments, pre-conceived ideas of what people can and can't do, and lack of support systems.

Soft measures

'Soft measures' refer to methods of reducing car use through the use of promotion, marketing, personalised travel planning, training, and so on.

Spatial protection

A form of protection separating cycling (or walking) from motor traffic, that involves separating these modes physically. 

Speed table

A large road hump across the width of a carriageway (or a cycle track). Has a flat top and can either run kerb to kerb or stop short to leave a channel for water to pass.

Splay kerb

A kerb that is angled - one that does not meet the ground at a 90° angle.


In traffic control, a stage is a series of phases that run together - for instance, a green for motor traffic and cycle traffic to proceed ahead, while left-turning mo

Staging diagram

A staging diagram is a way of visually demonstrating the permitted phase movements in a series of stages, making up one compl

Stats 19

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Stopping Sight Distance

Stopping Sight Distance (or SSD for short) is is the distance required for a highway user to perceive, react and stop safely, before encountering a hazard or potential collision. It is measured in a straight line between two points at the cen

Strategic Neighbourhood Analysis

The Strategic Neighbourhood Analysis (SNA) is a Transport for London planning tool, consisting of a series of strategic-level spatial analyses used to inform the potential suitability of different areas for

Strategic Road Network

In England, the Strategic Road Network (or SRN) is made up of motorways and trunk roads (the most significant 'A' roads).

Subjective safety

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Sump buster

A colloquial term for a road feature that prevents access by conventional motor traffic, but allows access by larger motor vehicles - particularly, buses and fire engines.


A term used to describe Barcelona's approach to modal filtering.

Sustainable safety

'Sustainable Safety' is the Dutch principle of design which makes roads and streets easy to use, self-explanatory and safe by default, preventing crashes from occurring. A better English expression is 'Intrinsic Safety'.

Sustainable Transport

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Short for Sustainable Transport, Sustrans is a national charity that promotes the use of sustainable transport. Flagship projects of Sustrans include the National Cycle Network, Safe Routes to Schools, Connect2, and Free Range Kids.

Swept Path Analysis

The calculation and analyis (now performed with software) of the movement and path of the wheels (and body parts) of a vehicle, when that vehicle is turning.