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A type of cycle pedalled by hand, rather than by foot.

They can either be a specfically-designed cycle, or an adapted wheelchair, with an (attached) front wheel powered by hand pedalling. E-assist is also available for handcycles.


In traffic signal control, a head refers to the cluster of signals, on a signal pole.

Health benefits

The health benefits of cycling are well known. Cycling is typically considered one of the two best forms of exercise, along with swimming, as it provides exercise without impact on joints.

Healthy Streets

Healthy Streets is a policy approach adopted by Transport for London, which aims to improve public health by enabling more people to walk, cyc

Healthy Streets Index

The Healthy Streets Index is a tool created by experts from University College London (UCL), Healthy Streets and Tranquil City, which rates the 'healthiness' of ev


HEAT stands for Health Economic Assessment Tool.

Hi Viz

Short for 'high visibility'. Used to describe clothing (or other aids) that aim to increase conspicuity of people cycling, or walking.

Typically 'hi viz' takes the form of a bright yellow jacket, with reflective strips. 

Hierarchy of Provision

The Hierarchy of Provision is a list of traffic interventions which was intended to help highways designers create better conditions for cycling.


A way over which generally all members of the public have the right to pass and repass without hindrance. May be maintained by public expense (i.e. local highway authority) or private expense (land owner).

Highway Authority

A 'highway authority' is a body that has a duty of care to maintain the safety and usability of highways (including roads) that are kept at public expense.

Highways Act 1980

An Act which sets out the powers and duties of highway authorities. Duties are things that these authorities have to do. Powers are things that the authorities may wish to exert.

Highways England

Formerly the Highway Agency, Highways England is a government-owned company with responsibilty for the operation, maintenance and improvement of the motorways and trunk road net

Home zone

See also: 

Home zones are a residential (typically urban) street treatment that involve reducing motor traffic speeds and the general dominance of motor traffic, more diverse use of street space (particularly by residents), increasing natural surveillance, and fo


'Homogeneity' is one of the principles of the Dutch system of Sustainable Safety.


A hub is the central part of a (bicycle) wheel that contains the axle.


A method of vehicle speed reduction using a raised section of road which cannot be driven over at high speeds. Humps are also colloquially known as 'sleeping policemen'. 

Hybrid Cycle Track

A 'hybrid cycle track' is a British description for a stepped cycle track, a cycleway that is built higher than the carriageway, but lower than the footway - at an intermediate height, between the two.