About Us

The original idea of a Cycling Embassy came from the Cycling Embassy of Denmark and the now established Dutch Cycling Embassy. However, where they promote an already established bicycle culture with infrastructure design that, whilst not always perfect, has had proven success, we have a car culture with cycle infrastructure design that is largely circuitous, dangerous and unfit for purpose.

We intend to act as a conduit for best practice around the world and get standards, as opposed to guidelines, implemented to create cycle infrastructure that we can all be proud of and that people will use.

We feel that this has to be addressed as a matter of urgency as badly designed and implemented infrastructure is continuing to be built at council taxpayers’ expense whether people like it or not.

We do not wish to compromise the cyclists right to the road in view of current British approaches to cycle infrastructure which has a shocking and appalling legacy, often needlessly bringing bicycle riders into conflict with pedestrians and disabled people. We do wish to see better approaches to highways planning where bicycle and pedestrian traffic is prioritised with decent, direct and more pleasant options for navigating around a local area. It is the right thing to do with many benefits to society.

We also wish to promote the bicycle as a mode of transport, as opposed to the sports and leisure aspects which have a lot of representation from organisations already in the UK. We are hoping to reach the approximately 97% of people that don’t ride a bicycle regularly as opposed to the 3% who do.

We wish to create links with other cycling organisations in the UK and around the World. We are already talking to various organisations who are working in a similar way.

Our mission statement gives an overview of what the Embassy is aiming to be, and to do.

It's early days yet, but we're working to add as much useful information and documents as we can.

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain was the idea of, and is being developed by, Jim Davis with assistance from various other wonderful willing and able volunteers.

The site is being built and hosted by Anthony Cartmell at Fonant Ltd, using the powerful open content management framework called Drupal.

Thank you for reading

Jim Davis,
Cycling Embassy of Great Britain