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Dutch makers of a range of cargo bikes.

Barriers to cycling

A term used to describe the obstacles to the uptake of cycling as a mode of transport. Essentially, the reason why people choose not to cycle for trips that could easily be cycled.

Belisha beacon

Named for Leslie Hoare Belisha, the Minister for Transport from 1934-37, this is the black and white pole, with yellow flashing bulb, that stands each side of a zebra crossing.

Beyond the Bicycle

'Beyond the Bicycle' is a term used by the Beyond the Bicycle Coalition, to highlight the need to take into consideration types of cycle beyond the standard two-wheeled bicycle.

Beyond the Bicycle Coalition

The Beyond the Bicycle Coalition is a group set in 2017, which represents users of non-standard cycles (e.g.


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The national programme of cycle training in England, Wales and Scotland.

Bikeability is based on standards approved by the Department for Transport - however, it is entirely voluntary, and not part of the curriculum.

Blister paving

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Another way to describe tactile paving.


An upright pole used principally to prevent motor vehicle access. 

Bus boarder

A platform onto which bus passengers alight. Can be used in isolation, as a build-out from a footway, or as part of a floating bus stop arrangement.

Bus cage

The marked box where a bus stops at a bus stop.

Bus gate

In transport planning and campaigning, the term "bus gate" can mean one of two street design features:

Bus lane

A motor traffic lane that is specifically reserved for the use of buses, and cycles and taxis, where permitted by signs. 


A Dutch term (literally - 'bus lock/gate') that refers to a road feature preventing access by motor traffic, but allowing access by buses.