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Naked streets

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National Association of City Transportation Officials

NACTO is a coalition of transport authorities in the USA, their mission being to "exchange of transportation ideas, insights, and practices among large central cities while fostering a cooperative approach to key national transportation issues.&qu

National Cycle Network

Much derided by cycle campaigners as a joke ("Notional Cycling Network" or "National Cycling Not-work" for example), the NCN is a bold attempt at creating a network of cycle routes across Britain. 

National Cycle Route

One of the principal routes that make up the National Cycle Network. Often abbreviated to NCR or NCN, e.g. NCR1. Contrast with Regional Cycle Route

National Planning Policy Framework

A document that sets out the government's planning policy for England, and how its policies on planning are expected to be applied.

Relevant passages on cycling include 

Paragraph 17 -


Also often used as a shorthand for National Cycle Route (even though the letters don’t match!)


Used to describe a number of connected cycle routes. In Britain this word has been used to describe very weak networks, such as the National Cycle Network.

A more well-defined concept is the Grid, which is a network with specified density.

Non-motorised user

A 'non-motorised user' (or NMU) is someone walking or cycling, or a horse rider.