Simultaneous green

'Simultaneous green' junctions (or 'all-ways' green, or 'scramble', junctions) give people cycling and walking a combined dedicated green phase, while motor traffic is stopped in all directions, which allows both types of road user to traverse the junction in any direction, all at the same time.

Many British junctions already have an 'all-green' stage for pedestrians, with motor traffic stopped in all directions, either with pedestrians crossing on all four arms of the junction at the same time, or with additional 'diagonal' crossings, as at Oxford Circus.

The Dutch system incorporates cycling into this green stage, with pedestrians crossing the cycle track entry and exits of the junction on zebra crossings. 

'Simultaneous green' can work at both large and small junctions, and is very efficient at moving people cycling through junctions in a short space of time. If necessary, more than one 'all green' stage can be allocated in each cycle.

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Simultaneous green traffic light junctions. Best design for cycling. Scales to any size. Safe.