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Facility of the Month

Good and bad cycling facilities of the month, maintained by CEoGB and Warrington Cycle Campaign respectively.

Faculty of Public Health

Describes itself as '...the standard setting body for specialists in public health in the United Kingdom.'

Fatality Rates

'Fatality rate' refers to the number of fatalities, by exposure - be that distance travelled by a particular mode, or time spent travelling by that particular mode.


The Fietsberaad is the Dutch bicycle council. It is a government organisation, composed of experts in bicycle design, from across the Netherlands.

It is a founding member of the Dutch Cycling Embassy.


The Fietsersbond is the Dutch Cyclists Union, a campaigning group for better cycling conditions. It has around 35,000 members, and is a partner in the Dutch Cycling Embassy.


A filter is infrastructure which permits one mode of transport through but prevents another.

An example of this would be a bollard which prevents motor vehicles from passing but allows bicycles.

Filtered permeability

Filtered permeability describes design of our streets and urban realm that allows through journeys for selected modes of transport, typically walking and cycling (but sometimes also buses), but removes it as a through ro

Floating bus stop

Also known as a 'bus stop bypass', this is an arrangement that involves a cycleway running behind the passenger boarding area at a bus stop, between an island and the footway.

Flush kerb

A kerb which is level with the surrounding area. There is no height difference between the kerb and the carriageway, cycle track or footpath. 

Fly parking

'Fly parking' describes informally parking bicycles by (and locking them to) street furniture.

Typically it is symptomatic of a lack of adequate designated cycle parking, and/or space to park bicycles.

Flying motorbike

A slang term for a road sign prohibiting motor vehicles - diagram 619 in the TSRGD. The red circle is a prohibition, excluding all forms of motor traffic.


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A path away from a carriageway (or, in other words, a path away from a road).


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The technical term for what is commonly called a pavement in the UK, and a sidewalk in the US.

Forgiving kerbing

'Forgiving kerbs' are angled, or splayed, kerbs that can be easily traversed by cycles, while still presenting a clear physical height difference between a cycleway and a footw


'Forgivingness' is one of the principles of the Dutch system of Sustainable Safety.

Formal crossing

Any road crossing, whether signalised or not, that is clearly marked as such.

Free parking

Often considered to be the intervention that will save the High Street, despite much evidence to the contrary.