Chair: Mark Treasure

Mark was previously the Press Officer for the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. He rides a Brompton, an Omafiets, a mountain bike, a racing bike with carbon bits... anything you can pedal, really. His scribblings on cycling and transport can be found at As Easy As Riding A Bike. He spends most of his spare time trying to persuade his partner to go on holiday to the Netherlands.

The Chair can be contacted by using the email address

Secretary: Tim Lennon

Tim rides a bike virtually every day, often transporting children to school, or riding somwhere with them. Usually found on a Brompton, a Bakfiets or sometimes his town bike, he's yet to find a journey that isn't improved by having a bike in it at some point. You can contact him by using the email address

Press Officer: Alex Ingram

Alex is a former bookseller, turned data and cycling guru. Having started being exposed to the possibilities of campaigning from an early age in Edinburgh where his father always passed him the Spokes newsletter he moved to London in 2004 where he first tried joining the London Cycling Campaign. But he wasn't that interested then and it was only around 2012 that he finally concluded after a couple of nasty incidents that perhaps campaigning might be the way to bring about change.

Alex can be contacted by using the email address

Treasurer: Geoff Rone

Geoff became a convert to “utility cycling” after an accident put paid to a promising career as an avid club cyclist – providing there was beer at the end of the ride he was as avid as anyone! He has “partially retired” from banking and moved to cycling heaven – SW Wales “There’s a bike path. It’s lovely if you like rain, wind and hills”


Webmaster: Anthony Cartmell

Anthony has toured by bike in the Scottish Highlands, French Alps and Colorado Rocky Mountains, and has been a CTC member and representative for more than 25 years. In 1994 he became an Audax Super Randonneur, but family life with six-year-old twins now means he rides bicycles mainly for daily local transport. The family now has an extensive stable of bicycles, tricycles and trailers!

The webmaster can be contacted by using the email address

Board member: Jim Davis

Jim Davis is the founder and former Chair of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. He once raced his trusty mountain bike in the inaugural Grundig Mountain Bike World Challenge (1989) and has worked as Information Officer for CTC (2002-2004). He is a cycle campaigner both locally and nationally, an occasional writer, speaker and extremely occasional stand up comedian. He lives in Worthing, West Sussex.

Board member: Sally Hinchcliffe

Sally Hinchcliffe is a novelist and editor when she’s not attempting to save the world, one bike ride at a time. Prior to joining the Cycling Embassy, at its inaugural meeting, she had never ventured into the shark-infested waters of cycle campaigning, but, in for a penny, in for a pound, she’s since helped start up the Dumfries cycling campaign group Cycling Dumfries and has since got involved in organising Pedal on Parliament. She also blogs about bikes and unrelated matters at Town Mouse

Board member: Sam Smith

When Sam was very little, she would ride in a child-seat on the back of her mother's shopper bicycle. She maintains the reason she didn't tell her mum one of her wellies had fallen off mid-journey one day was because she liked being on the bike so much she wanted another trip out to fetch the lost boot. She credits a day pootling up and down Chicago's Lakeshore Drive a couple of years ago for helping her rediscover her love of getting about by bike, and now makes plenty of journeys around London in search of bakeries and a good weekend brunch.

Board member: Chris Page

Chris Page is a member of the board of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain. He writes the cycling blog Chester Cycling, based on his experiences of cycling in Chester, his new city. Chris is also involved with the Wheelers’ Brunch, an informal monthly gathering for people who want to get from A-to-B in Manchester by bike and he rides a modern Danish Raleigh DL-1.

Board member: Joe Costello

Joe rode a bike as a child then graduated to a car aged 19, and spent the next 10 years driving around a car-choked city never imagining that there could be another way. He finally ceased to be a car owner on moving to London, where he realised it would be more pain than gain to own one. When the blue hire bikes started popping up around town Joe discovered that there was a perfect machine for local travel, but the environment was unpleasant. Somehow he stumbled across David Hembrow's blog, and here he is. Joe does stuff with computers, such as complicated websites and videos. He also knows how to fix washing machines and replace roof tiles.

Board member: David Arditti


Board member: Katja Leyendecker


Katja is from Germany, and whilst that is not quite the bicycle nirvanas of the Netherlands or Denmark, it's a country where everyone uses a bike. She wants cycling to be taken seriously as a mode of transport, treated fairly and equally. She campaigns tirelessly (on two tires!) in her chosen hometoon of Newcastle for safe cycleways and is currently chair of Under her online name katsdekker Katja writes a blog (can be angry on occasion) and is a professional engineer in "real" life

Board member: Graham Smith