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Early start

The use of cycle-specific lights at a junction that go green prior to the main traffic lights enabling those cycling to move ahead and ideally clear the junction prior to the rest of traffic moving, but useless if arrived at during a green phase.


European Cyclists Federation

Effective width

Effective width refers to the usable width of cycling provision.

Elephants Footprints

A term used to describe a series of square road markings, which delineate cycle crossings of carriageways.

End of route

"End of route" is a road sign (Diagram 965 in TSRGD) which traffic engineers use to mean "we've given up on this cycle path now, you're on your own from here."

Entrance Kerb

An 'entrance kerb' (called 'inritband' in Dutch) is a type of ramped kerb that allows footways and cycleways to run at a continuous, raised flat level across side roads and minor junctions.

Equality Act 2010

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society.


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An erf (literally meaning 'yard') is a Dutch term for a street where walking, cycling and recreation is formally prioritised over the flow of motor traffic. The plural is 'erven'.

Except Cycles

A road sign that can be added below other road signs to indicate exemptions to a rule, or information - for instance, No Entry except cycles, or the 'Dead End' sign.


'Exercise' is defined as physical activity requiring effort. 

Experimental Traffic Order

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A form of Traffic Order, which traffic authorities have the power to impose without consultation.