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Grade separation

A junction treatment that involves vertical separation of two or more different routes, placing them at different heights. For bicycle traffic, this will typically involve an underpass, or a bridge over a road. 


Gradient is a measure of the degree of slope. While gradients on naturally occurring features (hills!) can be hard to avoid, they can (and should) be mitigated, particularly by extending routes. An example is shown below.


A grating is a cover for a drain, allowing water to enter while preventing objects (and people!) from entering.


Term used to describe the dense network of safe, pleasant cycle routes which is required to enable mass cycling.


A fence along the outside edge of a footway, to prevent pedestrians crossing or walking on or across the carraigeway, along desire lines.

Guided bus

A bus that is fitted with special steering equipment to allow it to be driven along a narrow busway without the driver needing to steer.


A gully is a drain built into the highway, designed to remove surface water from the carriageway (or cycleway).