Home zone

Home zones are a residential (typically urban) street treatment that involve reducing motor traffic speeds and the general dominance of motor traffic, more diverse use of street space (particularly by residents), increasing natural surveillance, and fostering a greater sense of community. Streets can be formally designated as home zones, and signed as such, as prescribed in the Home Zones and Quiet Lanes (England) Regulations 2006

Home Zone Bristol

Home zones bear some resemblance to the original Dutch woonerf design, dating back to the 1970s, which prevented all through-traffic except walking, and subsequently to the erf, a more general and less restrictive adoption of woonerf principles. 

Home zones are indeed (loosely) the British version of these kinds of treatments, and are typically created on low traffic streets. However (unlike woonerven and erven in the Netherlands) they may still be created on roads that are desirable through-routes for motor traffic, which may diminish their potential benefits.

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