Entrance Kerb

An 'entrance kerb' (called 'inritband' in Dutch) is a type of ramped kerb that allows footways and cycleways to run at a continuous, raised flat level across side roads and minor junctions. The ramp also slows traffic crossing the footway or cycleway, and reinforces the sense of priority for people walking and cycling.

Inritbanden (Entrance Kerbs) in Utrecht

These kerbs have a relatively steep gradient to transition from the 'road' level to the 'footway' level in a short distance, which has the dual function of slowing drivers, while also allowing the footway and/or cycleway to stay flat at the same raised level, without any sloping down to the road.

They are now available in the United Kingdom through Charcon. You can read about them in more detail on the Ranty Highwayman blog.