Beyond the Bicycle

'Beyond the Bicycle' is a term used by the Beyond the Bicycle Coalition, to highlight the need to take into consideration types of cycle beyond the standard two-wheeled bicycle. The word 'bicycle' can potentially limit people's view of who can cycle. The term also highlights the importance of human-scale mobility in a variety of forms.

The sheer variety of cycles available, the diversity of people using them and the amazing range of uses people have for their cycles takes us beyond the standard image of a “bicycle”. However, it’s also about people using cycles for mobility; it’s about cycling being easier than walking for many people; it’s about being able to use cycles for transporting people and goods; and it’s about families being able to use cycles for transport as an alternative to cars.

Beyond the Bicycle is also about how transport infrastructure enables and interfaces with cycling; and it’s also about removing the physical and societal barriers that prevent people cycling. Beyond the Bicycle is just three words, but it has a huge meaning.