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PoP the champagne for our award-winning Ambassador

She's been there right from the start. She gets things done. She normally humbly stays in the background - but her willpower and energy is palpable at every point along the way (which is physically separated from the fast heavy traffic of course).

Government increasingly isolated on cycling policy

On Monday evening, 100 MPs of all parties voted unanimously in support of a motion welcoming the findings of the Get Britain Cycling report, in particular its recommendation of consistent funding for cycling, at a level of at least £10 per person, per year.

The Government continues to fail cycling as a mode of transport

Anyone hoping for genuine commitment from central government towards enabling cycling in England will be hugely disappointed and angered by the Department for Transport's official response to the Get Britain Cycling Inquiry report. 

Is your MP going to talk cycling on September 2nd? Here's what we'd say to them.

Dear Member of Parliament,

Are you going to the Cycling Debate on September 2nd? We think you should, and we think it could have a direct impact on your constituents.

Does your constituency have any of these problems?

Embassy response to Bristol Metrobus consultation

The Cycling Embassy has submitted a response to the Metro Bus route changes in Bristol. The current review is recommending that the buses run along Cumberland Road, on the Ashton Vale to Temple Meads (AVTM) route.

The consultation closes today - you can leave your own view on the Bristol City Council site here.

Another 'record announcement'

Today the government has announced a 'record amount' of cycling funding. There are, confusingly, two different headline figure, of  £94 million and £148 million, to be spent between now and 2015. 

'Going Dutch' on Newsnight

Last night the current affairs programme Newsnight aired a report on cycling in the Netherlands, and how Britain can learn lessons from the Dutch.

Anna Holligan, the BBC's Netherlands correspondent and CEoGB guest blogger, rode from The Hague – the seat of the Dutch parliament – to Westminster, meeting advocates, politicians and experts along the way – and also the Association of British Drivers.

The Nice Way Code

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain is disappointed by the Scottish Government's latest safety campaign, the ‘Nice Way Code’Research shows that the most effective means to reduce road deaths are changes to the road environment and lower speeds. Education campaigns, especially where not backed up by visible enforcement, do very little.

Join the London Cycling Campaign Protest Ride this Friday

If you are in or near London on Friday evening, please join the London Cycling Campaign protest ride from Tower Hill to Aldgate, calling for dedicated, safe space for cycling on London's roads. The ride will be marshalled by LCC volunteers. Details of the route, can be found on the LCC page here.

Response to Consultation on Oxford Road, Manchester

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain welcomes some aspects of the proposed changes to Manchester Oxford Road which will see cycling accommodated into the road designs as part of the Bus Priority plans. In particular we support the proposal for space dedicated specifically to cycling along the entire route, and the bus stop bypasses which site bus stops on islands which are passed behind by cycle tracks. Bus stop bypasses have been used successfully for years in countries where a much greater proportion of trips are made by bicycle, such as The Netherlands.


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