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Cambridge's Perne Road roundabout is not 'Dutch'

Cambridge's newly rebuilt 'Dutch style' Perne Road roundabout has been slammed as a poor imitation of the cycle-friendly designs of the Netherlands that were promised.

The Department for Transport's Cycling Delivery Plan

The first 'theme' of the Department for Transport's Cycling Delivery Plan is entitled 'Vision, leadership, and ambition' - yet sadly the Plan has an alarming lack of all three.

A Seaside Safari - join us in Dorset on 27th September


The Embassy will be visiting Dorset on the 27th September, to take a look at cycling infrastructure in Dorchester and Weymouth, and their surroundings. 

Cycling Embassy response to Superhighway 5 Consultation

We support the principle of the Superhighway 5 plans - providing safe, attractive conditions for cycling through this area - and would like to see them go ahead, albeit with some reservations about the details and designs of the Superhighway in a number of locations.

An open letter to Guide Dogs

As chair of the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain, I write to you regarding your #cycleyes campaign, which has been attracting a good deal of media attention recently.

I would like to emphasise that your concerns about cycling on the pavement are our concerns too. Cycling on the pavement suits nobody. It's bad for pedestrians (especially those who are partially sighted, or blind) and it's bad for people cycling too. Few would choose to cycle on a pavement shared with pedestrians if they had a safe and attractive alternative.

Response to London Cycling Design Standards Consultation

Below is our response to the consultation on the new London Cycling Design Standards, which closes today.

Our comments are on a chapter-by-chapter basis, but our principal overall concerns are


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