Join the London Cycling Campaign Protest Ride this Friday

If you are in or near London on Friday evening, please join the London Cycling Campaign protest ride from Tower Hill to Aldgate, calling for dedicated, safe space for cycling on London's roads. The ride will be marshalled by LCC volunteers. Details of the route, can be found on the LCC page here.

The protest comes a week after a young French woman, Philippine De Gerin-Ricard, was killed on Cycle Superhighway 2 at Aldgate, while on a Boris Bike. 

The design of this Superhighway has proved controversial. London Cycling Campaign argued, in a letter to Transport for London back in 2011, that "the apparent deficiencies in CS2 are so significant that it may be better to re-consider this route."

In particular, there is no protection at all from high volumes of fast and heavy motor traffic for the vast majority of this Superhighway. There is no separation, not even a cycle lane, at the location where Philippine was killed. Even the London Evening Standard observes that

the section of Superhighway 2 from Aldgate to Bow roundabout has no dedicated space for 

cycling. Instead, cyclists are expected to jockey for position among lorries, cars, motorbikes, buses and taxis, with only blue paint and a few bike symbols to protect them.

The time has come for serious change across London, and for the capital's roads to be made safe and inviting for anyone who chooses to travel about by bike. Show your support on Friday.