Shared Use Operational Review 2012

Atkins / DfT
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May 2012

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Atkins was commissioned as part of a multidisciplinary project team which includes MVA Consultancy, Phil Jones Associates and TRL to carry out evidence based research into the factors which influence the design and operation of segregated and unsegregated pedestrian and cyclist shared use facilities. The research project helped inform the preparation of a new Local Transport Note on shared use routes for pedestrians and cyclists.

At the core of this research are user behavioural studies to support an understanding of how pedestrians and cyclists interact on unsegregated and segregated shared use facilities.

This technical note presents the findings of research into the factors which affect the operation and quality of shared use facilities adjacent-to-road. An evidence based approach was used to undertake comprehensive case studies in Norwich and Cambridge, supported by additional evidence from Bristol, York, Peterborough and Newcastle.