Guide to the Healthy Streets Indicators

Transport for London
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November 2017

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The Healthy Streets Approach puts people and their health at the centre of decisions about how we design, manage and use public spaces. It aims to make our streets healthy, safe and welcoming for everyone.

The Approach is based on 10 Indicators of a Healthy Street which focus on the experience of people using streets.

There are two main indicators:

  • Pedestrians from all walks of life

  • People choose to walk, cycle and use public


    If a street is a healthy and inclusive environment then we should see all members of the community out on the street sitting, standing, walking, cycling and using public transport.

    There are eight other indicators that point to the essential elements required to support these two main indicators.

    The experience of being on a street affects all the human senses, which means that all the Indicators interrelate. For example if the street is very noisy, then people do not feel relaxed and they may, as a result, choose not to walk or cycle.