Traffic Analysis Tool

An online tool developed to conduct surveys of estimated motor vehicle journey times taking, account of traffic congestion as estimated by Google Maps. The tool accepts a request for a specific route and collects Google’s predicted motor vehicle driving time repeatedly over any period of duration between 6 hours to 14 days.

Use cases for cycle campaigners -

Defending existing infrastructure and trial schemes:

  • Collect data for use in response to objectors who say 'journey X used to take me 10 minutes but with the cycle infrastructure it takes 60 minutes' or similar. The response could for example include the graph of journey times throughout a typical day or a whole week.

Exploring options for new schemes:

  • Opportunistically collect data while a road is partially or totally closed (e.g. for road works) and use it to show that the congestion resulting from the removal of some motor lanes is likely to be acceptable.
  • Estimate the effect of filtering local roads on motor journey times by comparing journey times on the current shortest route with the time on the best available route after filtering (though the estimate can’t take account of extra congestion caused by re-allocated traffic).