Pelican crossing

PEdestrian LIght CoNtrolled (yes, that is where the name comes from) crossing is an example of a controlled crossing where pedestrians push a button to indicate they wish to cross. Traffic is stopped with a red traffic signal and pedestrians are invited to cross with a green man. 

When the green man flashes, pedestrians should finish crossing and for part of the flashing green man, traffic will see a flashing amber signal which means give way to pedestrians if they are still crossing. A green signal to traffic allows it to proceed and a red man suggests that pedestrians should not cross.

Pedestrian signals at Pelicans are always on the far side of the crossing (far-sided signals). This differs from Puffin crossings.

Pelican crossing, far side signal

Crossing time is determined by road width. Far-sided signals can be used in junctions, but flashing amber traffic signals cannot.