Minor side road

A side road carrying only small amounts of motor traffic; typically only a small number of residential properties.

Cycleways must be designed with priority across these kinds of side roads, with two typical approaches. If space is available, the cycleway can be 'set back' from the main carriageway, allowing the cycleway and road to be negotiated separated (and the cycleway kept clear while drivers wait to join the main road).

Minor side road set back cycleway.jpg
If space is not available, the cycleway and footway should run continuously across the junction mouth on a level higher than the main carriageway, as below.

Minor side road cycleway crossing type 2.jpg

In both cases care should be taken to ensure that the number of potential interactions with motor traffic is low. These should be genuinely quiet side roads, designed as such, to remove through traffic. 

Further safety gains can be achieved by making these side-roads either exit-only or entry-only.