Cycle gate

A 'cycle gate' is a design used to separate the movements of cycle traffic and motor traffic at busy junctions. It is effectively an Advanced Stop Line, but with a physically separated lead-in cycle lane, with signals for entry into the ASL area. Cycles are held at a red signal while motor traffic flows through the junction, and then get a green to enter the 'reservoir' area, from which they proceed ahead of motor traffic.

Transport for London's London Cycling Design Standards advise that this 'reservoir' area should not be marked in a way that makes it appear like an ASL (i.e. with a coloured surface, or with cycle markings), and that the two stop lines should be at least 15 metres apart, to distinguish them from each other.

It should be noted that this approach - while removing conflict between motor traffic and cycle traffic - will involve cycle traffic always having a red signal when arriving at the junction - either at the cycle gate, or at the main stop line. It is therefore inferior to other approaches such as hold the left.Cycle Gate Transport for London