We're Going to Cardiff for the AGM.

We're off to Cardiff for the AGM this year, on the 19th - 21st July.

Register on the Eventbrite here.

Why Cardiff?

There's a lot going on there, from Cardiff Cycle City, to recent implementations of priority for walking and cycling, significant new developments being constructed, a Welsh Transport Strategy which seeks to deliver more sustainable travel, and a council which says it has real ambition to make Cardiff better for walking and cycling. It's a great chance to see how all these things translate on the ground, and in their plans.

There are still a few details to complete, but we're hoping to kick off at a local venue with a bit of a meet and greet with local campaigners, and potentially an invited panel.

On Saturday there'll be safaris looking at new and planned developments, including looking at how transport supports new buildings like the massive BBC move in Cardiff, and places like the Millenium Stadium. After lunch and networking, we'll have more safaris and working groups, followed by (venue to be confirmed) food and drink at a local venue.

We're hoping this year will include a number of groups from the local area, so we can really look at how local groups can work with politicians and officers to make things happen.

And Sunday we're planning another safari, and probably a quick run through the AGM business over coffee.

So please sign up on Eventbrite - https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/cycling-embassy-2019-agm-cardiff-tickets-61220820121

(If you'd like help finding accommodation, please let us know and we can check in with local campaigners.)

Warm regards,

Tim Lennon

Secretary, Cycling Embassy of Great Britain