Anyone in Sheffield?

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Anyone in Sheffield?


Is anyone else in Sheffield?

If so, Sheffield City Councils 'Cycle Inquiry' has been extended until the 18th October.

It would be great if any Sheffield riders or wannabe riders could fill this in online or by email and share their thoughts. The more responses the council receive, the better.

If you know anyone in Sheffield, please tell them about this. I do not know if this has been advertised to cyclists at all, as I only found out about it by chance.



"The Economic and Environmental Wellbeing Scrutiny and Policy Development Committee has set up an Inquiry to look at cycling in Sheffield."


Terms of reference for the Inquiry

  • To request and review written and oral evidence from a cross-section of people and organisations in the city with respect to cycling. This will include considering what measures have worked successfully within the city and elsewhere, and why they have worked.
  • To identify measures to broaden and increase participation in cycling in Sheffield, with a particular emphasis on the economic, health and environmental impacts of these measures.
  • To propose an updated vision and strategic approach to cycling in Sheffield in early 2014.
  • To produce a report summarising the points above and identifying the next steps for the Council and partners.

The Inquiry was instigated by CycleSheffield and it's members have been informed. We've put it out on Twitter, Facebook etc as well. CTC, Sustrans  & CycleSheffield have put in submissions - more are very welcome. 


Yes, I've put in my submission.

The Cycle Embasy pages and previous submissions were a really great source of inspiration for my response.


It's always nice to know somebody's finding these things useful!

AKA TownMouse



Thanks everyone,

There's a thread on Sheffield Forum about it here too, and I think a few people have contributed after hearing about it on there. The thread includes a few of the usual old tired clichés about red lights and a few attempts at bickering, but thankfully no mention of 'road tax' yet, so the thread hasn't been completely derailed, and some interesting points have been made.

I've also been flyering locally, so hoping people will respond.


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