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Cobden Junction

I thought I'd give Cobden Junction a makeover based on what they already have. I treated Mornington cresent with a raised table entry. It could be more space efficient by having all directions green bike. 

Thoughts anyone?



I've passed it on to the others to see what they think. consultation closes today I believe...

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Do you mind if I add it to my blog post on the subject? (I already have done, I hope that's not presumptuous of me! Let me know if you'd rather I removed it.)


The Alternative Department for Transport -



A couple of minor issues -- one for users, and one for folk who worry too much about traffic flow. The two issues possibly have the same solution.

Assuming the tracks and crossings as currently drawn are all unidirections, for users, it looks like to make a turn from Eversholt into Crowndale requires quite a detour (though actually it's relatively simple, with only two road crossings).

Meanwhile, traffic flow obsessives will be upset that there is a new signal-controlled crossing for right turns from Hampstead Road into Eversholt -- the pedestrian crossings are set up so that there can always be traffic moving into Camden High Street from one road or another, but your new crossing will mean stopping all traffic. Obviously that doesn't bother me in the slightest, but it's an objection you'll face, and perhaps one that the scheme need not rely on.

The solution to both would be to make a small and strategically chosen set of the tracks and crossings at the junctions bidirectional.


@sally. I gave the consultation a link and some words.

@schrodingers_cat. Not a problem, perhaps you can update it?

@joe. Ah, the crossing next to Robert Cobden's statue. Either we keep it or like you say add some bidirectional paths. So here's two versions attached in the original post.

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