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Anyone interested in some USA pictures (of cycling stuff obviously!) - I am now slowly uploading an posting photos via

Bracken Van Ryssen
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Would be happy to see. Will probably only make me jealous of all of the space they have for bike infrastructure though. Would also like to hear about experiences/ thoughts on cycling over there.


 I mostly spent my time as a pedestrian but cycling up 3rd Ave in NYC was a bit scary! Been quite busy since I got back so it will be a while before all the photos are up...

Joe Costello

Some really interesting photos there! 

Do you know how useful this cycle lane actually is? (I assume it's Times Square?)

And I wonder if this one should be a Good Cycling Facility of the Week:

…as it shows how separation can be created quickly and cheaply. Those big concrete blocks really do stop cars from pulling over!

Andrew Gilligan mentioned trying that sort of thing in London, but that was six months ago and he's said nothing since then.

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