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wheeling channels

A question arriving via email:

Are these channels prefabricated and can be purchased and fitted or are they simply a design which require formwork and concrete?

I've only only seen metal wheeling channels which I would assume you could pre purchase but I've no idea

Alex Bergus

I have had a little google and some of the ones shown here http://cycle-works.com/product/wheeling-ramps/ look like the non slip covers drain channel grateing or expanded metal stair flooring http://www.fhbrundle.co.uk/groups/24FP__Planking

I would think buying the metal sections would work for a retro fit and casting them in while pooring the concrete would be best for a new build.



Perfect -thanks!

AKA TownMouse

David Hembrow

They're mainly pre-cast concrete over here in new build. You see them briefly at the start of this video:


I should point out, though, that they're not without controversy. Bike parking should be on the ground floor and bikes shouldn't be expected to go up and down steps. Therefore, the lovely cycle-park which that video shows is actually cause for complaint in Assen.

Channels are not a good idea on bridges. We have some very small bridges on recreational routes around here which have channels (usually then retrofitted metal ones) but they would never appear on anything that anyone had to use as a direct route to somewhere.

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