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Cycling Cultures - final report


A small group of hardy CEoGB members braved Cycle Superhighway 2, the Bow Roundabout and Stratford Gyratory last Tuesday to hear Rachel Aldred and Kat Jungnickel present their findings on cycling cultures in four English cities.

Cycle Campaigners call on Nick Clegg to get the country moving

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain are calling on the Deputy Prime Minister to invest in cycling infrastructure if he wants to get the economy - and the country - moving. Noting that the Liberal Democrat leader is himself half Dutch, they have responded to his announcement that the Coalition Government is planning to increase state-backed investment in infrastructure with a plea for Dutch-style bike lanes rather than more roads. 

Cycling Embassy supports British Cycling's Sentencing campaign

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain welcomes British Cycling's campaign on the sentencing of drivers. The non-custodial sentence handed to the driver who killed Rob Jefferies is sadly all too typical of a justice system that continues to view drivers that put other road users at a significant risk of danger as merely 'careless'.

AGM Report

The sun shone on the GB Cycle Embassy over the weekend as it descended on Bath and Bristol for its AGM (perhaps a little too much, judging by the rather red limbs on display on Sunday afternoon).

The Embassy field trip on the Two Tunnels Greenway bridge, Monksdale Road

The Work Begins: Cycling Embassy AGM

After the excitement of last week's big rides - and the local and mayoral elections - you might be forgiven for thinking that things will quieten down for the next few weeks. However, with thousands of cyclists coming out on their bikes to call for better conditions across the country - and with even Boris Johnson pledging before the event to implement the three key principles of 'Love London, Go Dutch' - the Cycling Embassy's input will be needed more than ever.

Cycling for Change

This weekend, London and Edinburgh both saw unprecedented numbers of cyclists and supporters turn out to ask for better, safer cycling facilities.


(photo: ibikelondon, on Flickr)

Well, we Asked the Minister...

Last week, people (including the Embassy) were tweeting their questions to ask the minister. Today saw the Commons Select Committee talk to transport ministers Mike Penning and Norman Baker.

Ask The Minister

As part of an inquiry currently examining the Government’s road safety strategy, on 24 April the Transport Committee will take oral evidence about the safety issues facing the growing numbers of cyclists on roads in town and country.

April is the Busiest Month

A quick glance at the Embassy calendar  of events shows that the second half of April is going to be busy. Starting tomorrow there's This Big City's 'tweetchat' on what's stopping cities from becoming cycling cities. The day after, Climate Rush will be staging their 'Spring Clean'  of London's streets (or one street, anyway).

Beware Councillors Bearing Pledges

The Times's Cities Fit for Cycling campaign has done a great job of getting across the board support for its aims - but just how deep does that support run? North Tyneside was quick to sign up but work underway on a key road in the area - Marden Bridge on the A193 - is already undermining that pledge, adding parking at the expense of cyclists' safety.


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