Embassy response to Westminster's Cambridge Circus Consultation

Westminster's consultation on public realm changes to Cambridge Circus closes on Friday 8th May. A TfL Quietway runs through this junction. Our response to Westminster's proposed changes is below.

Cambridge Circus

The entrance to Moor Street must not be closed to cycle traffic. This should be a cycle-only access point, distinct from the footway, but easily traversible on foot. It could even be blended into the public realm, as in the example below.

 Vondelpark cycle path

If necessary, an (informal) zebra crossing could be provided to give pedestrians priority across this cycle route. Providing this access point for cycling means a more direct route, as well as removing the need to cycle on Charing Cross Road.

 More generally, motor traffic levels on Charing Cross Road are too high for safe or attractive cycling mixed in with motor traffic. Cycling should be physically separated on this road. If physical separation is not going to be provided, the Quietway should take an alternative route. In fact the obvious routing for the Quietway is along West Street, across the junction, into a cycle entry into Moor Street. Cambridge Circus plan


The crossing of Cambridge Circus could run in parallel (but separate from) the pedestrian crossings at the junction. This arrangement would have several benefits -
  • more direct than the proposed route
  • no 'Quietway' cycling on busy main roads
  • no need to deal with motor traffic on the Cambridge Circus junction
We urge Westminster Council to rethink their plans, and to develop new proposals that reflect the needs and requirements of anyone who might want to ride a bike through this junction.