Would you like to distribute some postcards for us?

A photo of the Cycling Embassy's Freedom for Families postcardsIs there a Sky Ride or similar event happening near you? You could help spread the news about the Cycling Embassy by distributing postcards for us!

Families and others who are attracted to closed road events like Sky rides are exactly the sort of people we're campaigning for, but they are unlikely to have heard of us.

We'll provide the postcards, all you have to do is hand them out and tell anyone who's interested what the Embassy is all about.

If you haven't done this before then don't worry, we have, and it was very easy! Most people were delighted to get a free postcard and chat about what the Embassy was about.

If you're interested in volunteering for this and would like some postcards, please contact us by email at publicity@cycling-embassy.org.uk, letting us know your address so we can send the postcards, and which event you can cover.

If there are other similar closed road events you know of, or any other good postcard distribution opportunities, then let us know.

This year's events are listed below, each one links to the relevant event details page.