The Cycling Embassy is doing a book!

The Embassy is trying to assemble a detailed set of information, links and resources to help people around the country to campaign for cycling for everyone. And we need your help!

We know lots of people who know lots of things, and yet, when the various Embassy members are creating their blog posts and research, we always end up looking around and scratching our heads for something we know is out there, which we haven’t noted down properly or that we’ve lost the link for. Did you forget, for example, where to find the Pedestrian Comfort Guidance? Or maybe someone asked you where that new roundabout that the TRL is trialling is being talked about?

So our goal is to bring all this together in one place - a kind of GB Cycle Embassy Dictionary of terms, ideas, acronyms, organisations and sources.

Can you help? Maybe you’re not sure when that cycle path became a cycle lane, or perhaps your shared use isn’t sharing space properly … We’d like you to email us with any of these you think we should include. You can see the current list we’ve assembled here (Google Docs link). Please email us at with your ideas of what you’d like to see.

We’ll be publishing all of this as part of a refresh of the website, and - like you - we’re a little worried at all the loose talk about what Going Dutch really means. Help us get everyone on the straight and not-so-narrow road towards making cycling something that everyone in the UK can do, regardless of their age, ability, fitness or location.

Got any questions? Ask on the forum or drop us an email