'Get Britain Cycling' Inquiry - First Session

The first session of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry heard evidence today from eleven different witnesses, on the subject of cycling strategy.

In a two hour session at the Houses of Parliament, the Group's MPs (and peer) questioned witnesses on the measures and strategies they thought would enable cycling as a mode of transport for all. The questions and answers were wide-ranging, from more showers at work, more 'ordinary' looking people on cycling leaflets, 'safety in numbers', to improving the image of cycling. 

However, the overriding message coming out of the cross-party inquiry was a need for long-term financial and political commitment from central government. Without serious investment in high-quality infrastructure that removes the actual and perceived safety risks of cycling, Britain will continue to lag far behind our European neighbours on cycling levels.

The Cycling Embassy was in attendance, sending out tweets from the session.

More details to follow.