Embassy News - 2012

Response to the consulation on safety improvements at the Waterloo (IMAX) roundabout

We write in response to the consultation on initial safety improvements at the Waterloo (IMAX) roundabout, part of Transport for London’s process of junction reviews.

Response to the Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout consultation

The proposed improvements to the roundabout at the northern end of Lambeth Bridge have some merit. Placing the existing zebra crossings onto raised tables, to reduce speeds and improve priority, is sensible, as is the decision to replace the side hatchings with an extension of the footway, which represents a partial tightening of the geometry of the roundabout.

The improvements also include an implicit recognition that the roundabout is unattractive for many current and potential cyclists.

Save the Emperor Way path in Fishbourne

The Emperor Way path in Fishbourne is part of the National Cycle Network and an important connecting route between the village and Chichester, allowing children to cycle to and from schools in the area without using a busy A-road.

Denmark comes to London

In 1807 the British fleet sailed to Copenhagen, bombarding the city and seizing the Danish Navy (the original 'Copenhagenize'). Yesterday saw the process reversed - a considerably more benign Copenhagenize Danish invasion of London.

Mikael Colville-Andersen spoke first to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group at Portcullis House, having cycled across London with the Danish Ambassador.

CPS consultation on guidance for charging offences arising from driving incidents

The Crown Prosecution service has produced a consolidated guidance document on the guidance for charging offences arising from driving incidents. The document is available in accessible format here, and in pdf format here, and is open for consultation until November 8th.

Cycling Embassy submits evidence on Manchester's Oxford Road

Consultation exercises seem to be coming thick and fast with another one just closing on Manchester's Oxford Road and the surrounding area. Although this will improve bus transport into the city centre, as Chester Cycling has pointed out the changes to the surrounding streets will tend to favour the private car, putting cyclists and pedestrians at risk.

Cycling Embassy submits evidence to the West End Commission

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain have submitted written evidence to a consultation by the West End Commission. This Commission aims to

 work towards a long-term strategic framework to ensure that the West End meets the future needs of residents, businesses, communities and visitors alike while continuing to occupy its vital place within London and in the global economy. In doing so they have invited participants to submit their ideas and solutions for making the West End a better place.

And the Winner IS...


What do Glasgow, Edinburgh, Twickenham, Whitchurch, Basingstoke, Brighton, and Tunbridge Wells have in common? Well, if the response to our BikeMinded twitter competition are anything to go by they're just a few of the places people would like to see Copenhagenized in the UK. 

We were amazed at how much some of you could squeeze into 140 characters - not so much tweets as tiny essays:

Cycling Embassy of Great Britain appears at Bristol Sustainable Development and Transport Scrutiny Commission

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain was invited to take part in a Bristol City Council's Sustainable Development and Transport Scrutiny Commission which was looking for recommendations to improve conditions for cyclists. Jim Davis, Chair of the Embassy, gave a well-received presentation yesterday along with City Council Project manager Ed Plowden, Dr Dave Horton, Dr Fiona Spotswood of University of West of England and representatives from Sustrans. Dr Adrian Davis was chair of the commission.


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