Shedding Light on Pavement Cycling on Radio Solent

BBC Radio Solent will be tackling the thorny issue of pavement cycling tomorrow morning in light of the recent clampdown by Hampshire police. The Embassy's chairman, Jim Davis will be on air to discuss a problem which can cause conflict between cyclists and pedestrians. 

As Jim says,

A lot of people ride on the pavement, not to deliberately annoy or antagonise others, but simply because they find a particular stretch of road or junction that they think dangerous (maybe based on how they've driven it). It doesn't help that Local Authorities have designed cycle paths on the cheap by changing pavements bringing anyone wanting to safely ride a bicycle into conflict with more vulnerable groups such as parents with buggies, the elderly or the visually impaired. Novices also think that because the Council have painted bicycle symbols on some pavements, its therefore OK to cycle on any pavement regardless of the status. The Cycling Embassy don't like pavement cycling either but sadly understand why people feel compelled to do it on road conditions getting ever more hostile. 111 people have now been killed so far this year for just wanting to ride a bicycle to work or school. We need a better plan that creates better conditions for everyone; motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.'

You can hear Jim live on BBC Radio Solent on the Alex Dyke show, which airs from 10am.


Sadly there was no time for Jim on the show in the end. Apologies to anyone who tuned in and was disappointed.