Cycling Embassy submits evidence on Manchester's Oxford Road

Consultation exercises seem to be coming thick and fast with another one just closing on Manchester's Oxford Road and the surrounding area. Although this will improve bus transport into the city centre, as Chester Cycling has pointed out the changes to the surrounding streets will tend to favour the private car, putting cyclists and pedestrians at risk.

In response, we've made the case for continuing to favour foot, bike and public transport, especially as the area is one with many residents and businesses who would benefit from the increased footfall, and is at the heart of the student quarter, with an economy that's primarily dependent on those without access to a car.

Rather than increasing throughput for private traffic, we propose

  • safe, pleasant routes for cycling separated from arterial traffic
  • maintaining cycle access to pedestrianised streets
  • eliminating rat-running through minore residential streets
  • improved secure bike parking as part of an integrated city centre plan

You can read the full response here

PDF icon 121003_CEoGB_TfGM_Consultation.pdf233.5 KB