Cycling Embassy submits evidence to the West End Commission

The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain have submitted written evidence to a consultation by the West End Commission. This Commission aims to

 work towards a long-term strategic framework to ensure that the West End meets the future needs of residents, businesses, communities and visitors alike while continuing to occupy its vital place within London and in the global economy. In doing so they have invited participants to submit their ideas and solutions for making the West End a better place.

In response, the Embassy's evidence makes the case for placing cycling and walking at the heart of future strategy in the West End, drawing upon international best practice. It argues that  

  • The creation of high quality cycling infrastructure creates a high quality environment for everyone. 

  • There are already good examples in the West End demonstrating the benefits of restricting motorised traffic.

  •  Better separated walking and cycle routes that are safe and inviting to use generate greater throughput of consumers, around the clock. 

  • The West End could make itself a modern showcase rivalling British & European competitors and be a greater pull for tourists, especially when combined with the Bike Hire scheme. 

  • Bicycles are an efficient use of space. 

  • Cyclists are more likely to be frequent visitors if the correct facilities that normalise the act of riding a bicycle are present, and spend more at their end destinations as a result. 

  • Increased health, wellbeing and social safety combined with reduced noise and air pollution can only benefit an area for its residents, workers and visitors. 

The full submission can be read here.