Waltham Forest Mini Holland Design Guide

Waltham Forest
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January 2015

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"This document has been produced to guide designers and other interested parties in the development and introduction of the Mini-Holland Programme. The guide includes our street typologies developed specifically for the programme, as well as examples of great cycling and walking infrastructure from elsewhere in the UK, Europe and further afield. It also includes examples of changes that can be made to our residential streets to make them better places for all, and particularly those people wanting to walk and cycle.

"This is the first draft of our design guide. We know that there is still much to learn both in how we design our streets, implement and modify those designs and how our residents and businesses use them now and in the future. We intend to review this document periodically and amend it both from our learning and that of colleagues working on improving infrastructure and public realm improvement programmes and schemes for pedestrians and people on bikes both in London, the UK and in Europe."