Typical Costs of Cycling Interventions: Interim analysis of Cycle City Ambition schemes

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September 2018

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This document provides a summary of typical costs of cycling interventions and the factors that affect them, drawn from expenditure during delivery of Phase 1 of the Cycle City Ambition (CCA) programme.

A list of representative types of outputs to be costed was compiled from a review of CCA bid documentation, progress reports and other monitoring information. Additional information was requested from each CCA project to explain the breakdown of expenditure and the detail of the resulting outputs. Phone conversations with project staff helped tie down remaining specifics regarding the nature, scale and quality of outputs.

The CCA programme provided capital-only grants. The examples covered in this document therefore concentrate on outputs from capital expenditure. However, encouraging use of cycling facilities installed with capital funds is likely to require revenue expenditure. In general, the CCA projects have in the past also undertaken revenue-funded interventions to encourage cycling. Where a particular CCA capital intervention is known to be closely linked with ongoing revenue expenditure to maximise its use, that link is mentioned, but figures for revenue expenditure are not included in the costing.

Costs quoted are outturn costs wherever possible. Budgeted costs have only been used for schemes where final outturn costs were still awaited and are marked as such.

The costs cited in this document include all capital expenditure on the scheme in question from other sources in addition to the CCA contribution.