Strategic Cycling Analysis - Identifying future cycling demand in London

Transport for London
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June 2017

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The Mayor has asked Transport for London to put the Healthy Streets Approach at the heart of its decision making. Set out in ‘Healthy Streets for London’, this approach is a system of policies and strategies to help Londoners use cars less and walk, cycle and use public transport more often.

To achieve this it is important to plan a longer-term and coherent cycle network across London in a way that will complement walking and public transport priorities. This document provides a robust, analytical framework to help do this.

The Strategic Cycling Analysis presents what the latest datasets, forecasts and models show about potential corridors and locations where current and future cycling demand could justify future investment. It also identifies where demand for cycling, walking and public transport coincide, thus highlighting where investment is most needed to improve all sustainable transport modes together.

This document should become a valuable resource for Transport for London officers, London boroughs, developers, planners, communities and others interested in understanding how cycling can contribute to achieving the Healthy Streets Approach in their local area.