Oxfordshire Cycling Design Standards

Oxfordshire County Council
Publication date: 
April 2017

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A better environment for cycling

We would like to see an Oxfordshire where more people choose to cycle for more journeys. We believe this can be achieved through good highway design to create an attractive safe environment for cycling. The better we can make the environment for cycling, the more people will choose to cycle. We believe there is a huge unmet demand for more people choosing to cycle, which we will unlock if we get it right.

A more attractive choice

What does this mean? For many journeys people have a choice of how they choose to travel. A large number of factors influence this decision including journey time, cost, convenience and safety. We need to make sure that we address these factors through good highway design so that cycling becomes the preferred choice more often. We need to ensure that people can cycle directly without unnecessary delays, that there is somewhere convenient to leave their cycle at their destination, and that they can not only be safe while cycling but feel safe as well.

A choice for everyone

Many people already choose to cycle in Oxfordshire. This is very encouraging, but more often than not those that choose to cycle are from specific demographics. We need to ensure we create the right conditions for everyone to choose to cycle, whether they are young or old, male or female, or disabled. We want to make cycling a preferred choice for everyone.

Benefits for everyone

The more people choose to cycle, the greater the benefits for everyone, regardless of whether or not they choose to cycle. An increase in cycle journeys contributes to reduced traffic congestion, better public health, a better environment, a stronger economy and a more pleasant place to live. These are things that everyone wants to see. We hope that the guidance in this document helps to bring these benefits to the people of Oxfordshire.