Advancing Sustainable Safety: The advanced vision in brief

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March 2006

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Each year there are about 1,000 road deaths in the Netherlands and many thousands of road users are injured. Fortunately, these numbers are slowly but surely declining. Compared with many other countries, Dutch traffic is among the safest in the world. However, good as it may be, there are still too many traffic casualties every year. Every year, a disaster occurs that society does not experience as such and therefore does not deal with as such. The average Dutchman does not really seem to care about all these anonymous deaths: road crashes are simply part of life. The chance of being killed in a road crash seems too abstract to worry about. However, it's another story if one of the deaths involves a neighbour, a colleague at work, a good friend or a relative. Only then do we wonder how this could happen, and ask if and how it might have been prevented. But what are the answers?