Does Laura Trott speak for us?

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Does Laura Trott speak for us?

Should Laura Trott ever be allowed to speak in public ever again ever?

I have no doubt there are many bad, dangerous law breaking cyclists out there and maybe (to be fair) they should be lumped in with the 2 million uninsured drivers, the drivers who park illegally, those who speed and those who use their mobiles while driving - they are all road users who break the law. But hold on, the last time I looked, cyclists were responsible for about 1 death every 2 years so maybe Miss Trott should get her priorities sorted before opening her mouth.

And is she (a racing cyclist) really suggesting that I need a plastic hat to ride my Dutch Bike along the NCN Route 4 (the Millennium Coastal Path) to go shopping? When will she call for all motor car occupants to wear a crash helmet and fire resistant clothing? After, if  The Stig and Lewis Hamilton wear them on closed roads, how much more important are they on the open roads?

Whilst I missed her exact comments, the gist of what I have read in the media was that "Bad cyclists" give other cyclists a bad name, sadly this has been portrayed in the form of generalisations. I belive cyclists under 18 should be under "compulsion" to wear a safty helmet, also that every one under 18 should take a cycling proficiency test.....and that the roads should be made safer. I also believe that we should al treat ourselves like responsible adults. Sweeping generalisations often smack of ill-informed-ness (possibly not a real word) ifeveryone over the concenting age used responsible and common sense behaviour we would all benefit. Some people make mistakes or are miss quoted, I'm pretty sure Miss Trott is dedicated to cycling and all the great benefits it offers. Speaking from personal experience, as a cyclist, frame builder & human with eyes who sees things, I have seen some cyclists jump red lights, I have had friends claim it to be safer, I have had courier friends say "they have to to get there $$$". I also freequently see drivers talking on mobiles, cutting up cyclists and making stupid decisions. Bottom line, the first thing that has to change is attitudes, once that changes then all the other wonderful and smart ideas to make the roads work for everyone can fall into place. Everyone is fallible.
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