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WEBINAR: “Road Danger Reduction Forum: Celebrating our 30th Anniversary”. Monday 11th December 2023

17 November, 2023 - 17:32

         Monday 11 December 2023: 1400-1600


Baroness Jenny Jones (President RDRF) “Welcome !” 

Session 1  Harm Reduction: Enforcement

Dr Robert Davis (Chair RDRF) : “30 years of RDRF, why we were set up – and what are our achievements?

Amy Aeron-Thomas (Action Vision Zero) : “Context of harm reduction over 30 years”.

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Cox  (Metropolitan Police) : “Speed reduction and tackling dangerous driving”.

Former PC Mark Hudson (MPH Collective) : “Close Passing Operations The relevance of Enforcement.”

  Cycling Mikey (3rd Party Reporting Campaigner) : “Third Party reporting”.

Sara Dowling (RoadPeace) : “The importance of Road Justice”.

Q& A      

Session 2  The Role of Active Travel 

Lucy Saunders (Healthy Streets) : “How healthy streets encourage active travel“.

Stephen Edwards  (Living Streets) : “How more people walking makes streets safer, and safer streets make more people walk”.  

Tom Bogdanowicz (London Cycling Campaign) : “How cycling makes streets safer”.

Q& A      

Session 3 Removing danger by reducing motor traffic

Brenda Puech (RDRF) :  “LTNs and other measures to reduce motor traffic”.

Roger Geffen (Low Traffic Alliance) : “Traffic reduction affects Climate Change and pollution – not just road danger”.

Dr Robert Davis (Chair RDRF)    Closing Words.

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